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How it all started

Flowy agency offers a total solution to large and small companies looking for a partner in marketing, branding and advertising.

As a 'member' of generation Y, I have always had a natural affinity and certain fluency with online marketing and social media.

The influencer and social media economy have blended mainstream, traditional, digital, paid, and social media in ways no one thought possible. We help our clients navigate this ever-changing media landscape by developing connections with the people they do business with.

Our range of service

We seek to define who these people are and find ways to combine traditional media, social media, influencers and paid media to deliver the right stories. We offer solutions in both the art and science of storytelling.


We will build your business from the basics to the small details as you wish. We sit together on a regular basis and analyse the results, brainstorming further to keep your business up to date with the latest trends of the moment.


In Belgium, where there is often no budget to send a separate photographer along, I learned to create attractive photos and videos for my clients in addition to attractive texts.


We translate creative ideas into actionable marketing plans. Depending on your company structure, we provide coaching and training for your internal marketing staff or, as an external partner, implement all strategies.


Our Passion

I soon noticed that a lot of larger companies and established names were struggling to cope with the changing marketing (and especially retail) landscape. Bigger entrepreneurs did not have the time to experiment or upskill themselves in online marketing. With my knowledge in marketing, social media and content creation, I started working as a freelance social media manager for companies.

Over the years, my practical expertise and experience also grew. I noticed, for instance, that many business owners recognise the importance of being present on Facebook, but their (time-consuming!) posts attract few likes, and more importantly, few new customers. Influencers are invited to drop by for promotional purposes, but often do not know how such an influencer should be monitored, briefed and followed up, resulting in little to no ROI.

Finally, around key periods such as Christmas, many companies bet on all-out marketing campaigns with large advertising agencies. Consequently, the annual budget is used up in one or two months and little to nothing is done for the rest of the year.


Creating killer content

We translate creative ideas into actionable marketing plans. Depending on your company structure, we provide coaching and training for your internal marketing staff or we implement all strategies as an external partner.

In Belgium, where there is often no budget to send a separate photographer, I learned how to make attractive photos and videos for my clients in addition to attractive texts.

I linked this job to my own webshop with dresses and cute accessories for women. I was fascinated by the enormous impact facebook, instagram and pinterest have on an online business. Where other brands and companies pumped thousands of euros into magazine publications and flyer promotions, I was able to boost my small business with tailored facebook ads, social media campaigns and a few bloggers, without spending a lot of money.

We provide the necessary photo and video shoots in your business or on location to highlight the products or services in an original and creative way. These images can be used for publications and design, but we mainly use them for social media campaigns and advertisements. Always provided with the right, attractive copywriting and targeted targeting.


The connections

With Flowy Agency, I present my clients with a reliable permanent marketing partner. There are no two companies with identical needs, which is why we offer each client a customised route for strong support in social media, advertising, photo shoots, copywriting, and consulting. From a complete corporate identity to the right brand ambassador - Flowy puts every company in the right flow!

In today's competitive landscape, a partnership with the right local influencer or brand ambassador is a reliable way to increase your awareness, relevance and sales. We pair the right brand ambassadors with your business, ensure smooth briefing, communication and follow-up for maximum ROI. Pop-up shops, meet-and-greets with bloggers or influencers in your business or unique experiences for your clientele. We provide an event with impact!

What we do


Together with a visual corporate identity, this is the difference between being recognised or forgotten. So it had better be eye-catching. We make sure it does. A beautiful logo tailored to your values, standards and feelings. We also provide a brand book. Your corporate identity guide with a comprehensive definition of logo, font & colour usage. We immediately put this into practice by designing some corporate identity elements. Think revealing business cards, exceptional stationery or an efficient e-mail signature. Ready to find your flow!


Ow yeah, a beautiful and affordable website. Such a website that instantly excites your customer and generates curiosity. It is your digital business card, so to speak. An update of your current website or a completely new environment? Check! Made to launch, designed to last. Tip: Keeping Google happy? We do that with a targeted SEO or SEA campaign.


We manage your social media accounts such as Instagram, tiktok and Facebook. We help you with your social media strategy.


Training courses and workshops for entrepreneurs and companies who want to get started themselves.


Creating or collecting images in your house style paired with the right tone of voice. (i.e. the captions and hashtags)

Flowy Agency connects your company with the right influencers. We organise specific social media campaign on- and offline such as: Give Aways Actions , events, product launches....

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